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Commercial Glass in Dallas
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Commercial Glass in Dallas
Series 3252

Series 3252 Curtain Wall System brings ultra high thermal performance to your curtain wall options. Series 3252 is for 1" (25) insulating double pane glazing, and Series 3252SG combines the horizontals mullions of the 3252 with structural silicone glazed vertical mullions. Size Specific U-Factor, SHGC, and VT Matrices are based on the standard Glazed Wall specimen size of 78.75" wide by 78.75" high (2000 mm x 2000 mm). *This represents 90.1% Vision Area / Total Area

• Extruded Aluminum Mullion Anchors
• Extruded Shear Blocks are Furnished to Ensure Extra Strong Horizontal to Vertical Joinery
• Injection Molded End Dams and Closure Plates Used for Controlling Water Infiltration

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